It is incredible to have a sex doll, especially if you have gone through several breakups. Being alone can be very annoying. At the same time, it is not worth giving another chance to women into your life when you are not sure of what they will come with. If you need to have peace of mind while ensuring that your sexual needs are satisfied, you need a sex doll.

There are many sex dolls that I would recommend to you have used most of them. It gives me a feeling of having a model under my roof. Before you choose your doll from the list below, you should note that you should make the best decision. Did you know that you will fall in love with your doll? You need one that is worth your company for nearly the rest of your life.

Here are some of the best sex dolls that am going to review

  1. Stephanie
  2. Blakely
  3. Ange
  4. Olivia
  5. Auburn

Let’s now get into details.

1. Stephanie: best lifelike sex doll

Stephanie had to come first in my review since I love real things. She feels like a real woman, and so once you buy it, you will forget about the fact that it is a doll. Her body texture is lovely with a hi-realism eye. Any man would want her company.

She has a 33C cup breast, which feels so real just for you. If you don’t mind having several women partners, Stephanie is the best option for you. Her head is compatible with several doll bodies. This means that using one head, you can create the feeling of having more than one doll. This can be stunning.

She has my five-star rating.


  • She has a mouth, vagina, and anus
  • Made of silicon hence durable
  • Her vagina is removable for easy cleaning
  • 5ft. Curvy body


  • Relatively expensive

2. Blakely: Best entry-level doll

Have you just gotten out of a relationship and wondering which girl you should approach next? The feeling can be so devastating. Well, I guess you are not ready to be heartbroken again. All you need is sex…sex…sex. Why can’t you trust Blakely to satisfy your needs without giving you any love headache?

This is what you need a beginner. She does not give you the feeling of having sex with a doll. This is because her body features are not overly-sized. Her boobs are in the size of a normal petite lady. When you first use a sex doll, if the breasts are too huge, you will feel out of place since they are not fit for your ideal ex-girlfriend. This is why Blakely is a good option for you.

She also does not have huge curves and big booties. This is why most users report that she is ideal in bed even after having sex with her. She does not fill your space but gives you the warmth that you ever need in bed.

I give her a four-star rating. It is one of the best dolls for doggy-style sex.


  • She has a mouth, vagina, and anus
  • She feels so real to introduce on to sex doll life
  • He body size is not so exaggerated
  • She is relatively cheap


  • Not the best choice for users who are used to big boobs and booties

3. Ange: Best Japanese sex doll

Have you realized that a relationship can be sweeter if you are dating a lady from your best race? Well, this does not make you a racist. It rather satisfies you. Okay, do you love Japanese girls? I am pretty sure that most men would want a sex experience with a Japanese woman. If you cannot have one next to you, Ange will be so willing to comfort you.

She is pretty beautiful. Everyone wants to have an orgasm with a pretty girl. Ange is not only beautiful but also sex satisfying. She is made of silicon and so lasts longer. As you penetrate, her vagina forms a vacuum that drags inside her. This is the best experience ever during sex.

I give her a four-star rating.


  • deal for lovers of Japanese girls
  •  She feels so real
  • Her body size is not exaggerated
  • Best value for your money


  • Not ideal for racists

4. Olivia: best gel implanted sex doll

Here is another wonderful option that you can get from the market today. She gives you the best sex experience. Unlike most sex dolls that make use of your semen for lubrication, Olivia is implanted with gel. This means that during sex, you first enjoy her lubrication of the gel, which is safe for you.

Olivia gives ensures that you feel mutual participation in sex. It is not like your partner is playing dead on you. Sex feels more satisfying when you see your partner is also enjoying the whole thing. Her vagina is removable; hence simple cleaning can be experienced.

Additionally, her head is interchangeable, and so you can have it on different sex doll bodies depending on the figure you want in bed. Her nipples are large, and so if you love sucking nipples, you got the best partner.

I rate her with four-stars.


  •  She has buttocks and breast gel implants
  • Her head can be used on other dolls
  • Easy to clean vagina
  • 33C cup breast size
  • Large nipples for ideal sucking


Relatively expensive

5. Auburn; Best doll with three orifices

Are you looking for a virgin girl for sex? Search no more. Auburn is here for you. She will give you the experience of having sex with a virgin every time you do so. This sex doll will amaze you for her involvement in having oral, anal, and vaginal sex.

Auburn is so real that you don’t need to struggle to make love with her. She has very romantic poses that will make your penis erect even before you touch her. Her body is smooth, and the breasts are bouncy. If you need to experience her best, you shout, take time for the fore-play. The good thing is that she never plays hard on the bed. She gives you the feeling of having a satisfied woman in bed. This is the joy of every man.
She got my five-star rating.


  • Interchangeable head
  • Removable vagina for cleaning
  • Can have oral, vaginal and anal sex
  • Feels more real


The boobs and booties are too huge

How to choose the best sex doll
Choosing a sex doll can be very difficult due to the stigma of being a user. People think that those who pot for sex dolls are not men enough to have a woman around them. This is not the truth. Having a sex doll is a secret that only those who don’t want issues in life can tell. We are in a free world, and so nobody should force you to do what you are not comfortable doing.

To get the best doll, here are the factors to consider:

1. Body physique

What makes you feel attracted to one woman and not to another? I can imagine the list of choices that you have given out. The same reasons should apply to the sex doll. You need something that feels attractive to you. If you love huge boobs and buttocks, go for one with such. Don’t go for something that does not feel real for you.

Additionally, look at the height that best matches you. Well, most men love five-feet women. You have a wide range to choose from.

2. Storage needs

It can be annoying for one to know that you have a sex doll. To avoid such shameful moments, you ought to keep your doll well away from people. This is why you need one that can be disassembled for storage. Don’t go for a compact doll unless you don’t mind having her exposed.

3. Hygiene

Your hygiene is as well critical. Have a doll that you can clean best. For instance, the vagina should be removable for cleaning. Remember, after every intercourse, there will be semen in the vagina. Removable vagina, therefore, makes your work easy hence maintaining hygiene.

Final word

I have used several sex dolls and am not planning to stop soon. If anything, I am adding more to my wish list every time I shop online. You can also have fun and peace of mind, even as you celebrate your manhood.

Well, there are many best sex dolls in the market. We have different needs. Auburn makes the best sex doll for me. This is because I love a variety of sex options. She gives me both anal, vaginal, and oral sex, which makes me feel satisfied. If you don’t have the best doll, try out Auburn for a variety of options.

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