Whose bum is it?

Sculpted or cast, man or woman we shall let you decide!

Can you put the light outside?

No, this light is for indoor use only.

How do I clean the light?

Gently wipe the surface using a non-alcoholic wet wipe.

How do I fix a light that has become deflated and is not working? (ONLY APPLICABLE TO FIRST EDITIONS)

If the Slap Its seems slightly jet lagged and in need of a little plumping to perfection 

1) Remove small white air plug on the back side of the light at the bottom left hand side. 
2) Without putting pressure on the soft silicone bottom, inflate using your mouth to put air in to the light. 
3) Let the air come out of the light until the noise of passing air stops. 
4) Without applying pressure on the soft silicone bottom, replace the small white air plug securely into the hole
5) Plug the light in 
6) Test with a gentle slap


How do you install the light?

Use positioning holes on the packaging to get the correct spacing (212mm) for installation. 

A qualified person should carry out the installation, due to the fact that incorrect installation can lead to object falling, resulting in personal injury or damage.

NOTE: Screws or fittings to fix the object to the wall are not included. Choose screws and fittings designed to accommodate the weight of the light and the wall to which the light is mounted.

Do you ship worldwide?

Now Free shipping worldwide!

We ship all over the world to most destinations everyday from the United States with our trusted partners at Amazon Fulfilment. You can order with confidence, safe in the knowledge that we'll do our best to get your goods to you as safely and quick as we can.

Can I pre-order?

Pre - Order soon for delivery in time for that special someone on Valentine's day, 14th Feb 2018. Details of estimated delivery dates will be provided before purchasing.

How can I track my order?

Once an order is placed, a confirmation email will be automatically sent to the email address you have provided. This will contain your orders tracking number and courier service being used.

Why does it say out of stock?

Due to the nature of our products, they tend to run out! Items may occasionally show as ‘out of stock’ due to the limited stock. 

Do you supply to retail? 

Yes, we are always looking to work with all types of businesses from the retail industry to the hospitality industry. Please just drop us a line if you would like some where you are! info@slapit.me