You think that your girlfriend is the sexiest woman you have ever seen – why not give her a gift that will make her feel it? Sure, you could go with the old standby gifts, sure to be appreciated staples like perfume or other cosmetics – or you could get an idea for a gift that will spice things up in the bedroom by taking a peek at this list.

1. Sexy Underpinnings to make her Feel Sexy From the Inside Out

There is nothing to make your girlfriend feel like her sexiest self than a set of ultra sexy lingerie. Whether it is a pair of matching panties and bra or a full set with stockings and a garter belt, she will feel the garments under her outfit, and it will be like a sexy secret that only the two of you share.

2. Restraints That Are Just For You

Whether they are to be used on you or her, there is nothing more evocative of the trust you have built between you as a set of fuzzy handcuffs or some silk restraints you reserve for this purpose. It is important that whatever items you use to restrain each other only be used for this purpose, as it can excite your subconscious just by seeing them. Using restraints in an intimate setting is a sign of the trust you have built up, making this a meaningful as well as sexy gift ideas for girlfriends.

3. Vibrator to See What She Likes

It is imperative to make sure your partner enjoys themselves to know what helps them get off. Buying a vibrator for your girlfriend can not only say that you want her to give herself attention even when you’re not there, but it can be a great way to see what gets her off. Just ask her to try it out in front o you. You get a show, and it will also tell you how your girlfriend prefers to be touched.

4. Sensual Massage Oil

One of the best ways to get to know your partner’s body is to give them a massage. This allows you to feel every inch of your girlfriend while relaxing her and putting her at ease. Giving her a massage oil that has an aromatherapy scent or an aphrodisiacal one is a great way to celebrate this. A good massage oil will heighten the sensation of touch, making it a crucial ingredient in fantastic foreplay.

5. Book of Recipes Of Aphrodisiac Foods

There are several books out right now that compile a list of healthy, tasty food that will perfectly set the evening on your date night. They are all written in a frank tone, with easy ingredients that you can use and an attention paid to healthy foods. Having a cookbook and an evening alone to try out a recipe or two is bound to make you feel closer from the shared experience as well as provide you a delicious and nutritious meal.

6. Add some Fun With an Adult Game

Whether you prefer dice, cards, or a board on which to play, there is a naughty, adult-themed game out there for you. These games can keep things unpredictable in the bedroom, perfect for if you have fallen into a rut. A lot of available games have a tacky appearance, or they are novelty or gag gifts. However, some of the newer ones look sleek, even fashionable. They are sure to fit in with any game collection that you have.

7. Flavored Lube

There are lots of reasons that people use lube, as well as a multitude of ways that it can get in your mouth. Instead of the disgusting, chemical-y taste of many of the commercially available lubes out there, look for one that has a delicious flavor. Whether you go with a fruit flavor or one like vanilla, using a flavored lube will make the intimate times between you much better.

8. Sexy Blindfold

The way we perceive our senses is complex, but something everyone knows is that when you take away one, the others become stronger. A blindfold is a sexy gift idea for girlfriends because when you take away the sense of sight, your touch, your smell, and even your sense of taste become heightened. This makes it possible for you to experience familiar things in a brand new way. If you want to use it on your girlfriend, consider having one custom made to suit her sense of style.

9. Mood-Enhancing Light Bulbs

No light is unsexier than the ubiquitous fluorescent or bright white bulbs. It is a harsh, unforgiving light that makes people feel like their flaws are on display, making it terrible for putting people in the mood. Getting a set of lightbulbs in soft colors that can add a filter to the way a room looks is a great way to set the scene for love.

10. Extreme Accessories

Nothing says you trust your partner more than giving them a paddle, or a riding crop. These items have a singularly sexual undertone, and even if they are not used regularly, they have the potential to transform an evening. Along with some sexy lingerie and armed with restraints, your girlfriend can be the vice you have always dreamt of.

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